My journey to become a successful network marketer was not straightforward. Like everyone I experienced many pits and falls that eventually led me to where I am today

My story is strange, individual, different. You may read through it and feel that you have no connection to me! That we are different people, maybe because of where I choose to live or because of my lifestyle or background, you may feel that you can’t relate to me! I made some strange choices in life, but the one thing that you need to know more than anything else is in fact, the most important!

I can teach you how to succeed in your Network Marketing Opportunity. 

So read my story below!

Please be aware that I am not an expert writer! There may be spelling mistakes or issues with punctuation! It was never one of my strong points at school. But I’m not here to teach you how to write a novel and you are not here for that reason either.

Early days

I was born in the UK and like most young boys I was football mad. I was a lot taller than most of the boys my age, and despite the problems that came with this, (kids pointing their fingers at me and calling me ‘Lanky Sam’), I turned my height to my advantage by making sure I was always in goal on the football pitch. My long legs and arm span meant there were very few balls that got past me, and this helped get me some respect with the kids at school and focus on my dream of one day being a professional footballer.


Sam Hyland at football age 10

I learnt very early on in life that I could either let people’s ideas and viewpoints have a negative effect on me or I could find away to turn them into a positive.

The 1980’s

Growing up in the 80’s was a great time. No mobile phones, No Internet, No real distractions of any sort. Like a lot of kids growing up in the 80’s my first job was a paper round.

I remember having this idealised picture in my head of what my paper round would be like. I had seen Hollywood movies and knew what this job consisted of. I was going to jump on my bike and cycle around with some cheesy 80’s soft rock tune playing in the background, while I reached into my back pack to throw newspapers on immaculately cut suburban lawns. Hey if I was lucky one of the girls in my neighbourhood was going to notice me and give me a wink, and with the money I was going to be making I could afford to buy anything I wanted. I had it all worked out, how could I fail?

A boy delivering newspapers on his bicycle.

If anything the reality of my first job was a bit of a wake up call…

For a start I didn’t live in Hollywood I lived in the UK. For those of you that don’t know, the best way to describe the UK weather pattern is always somewhere between cold and rainy. Add to this that it is dark before school when I was doing my paper round, the sheer weight of having to carry that amount of papers, being paid a pittance and the fact that most people’s dogs don’t take kindly to kids walking up their drives. It was as far away as possible from a Hollywood film and in hindsight can only really described as child slave labour!

I learnt from a young age that finding the right balance between the time you put into your work and the money you make is crucial to becoming a success.

Lessons I learnt

If anything though my first job taught me that I was not a quitter. I started my paper round at 12 years old and only quit 5 years later when my twin brother got a job in a supermarket and earned more in 2 months than I had in 5 years! This was a hard lesson to learn. In one way I had proven to myself that I wasn’t going to quit at my job easily which I was proud of. On the other hand I felt like I had been a mug giving away my time and hard work for such a low wage. Undeterred from my first experience of work I was still eager to make money, from collecting balls at the nearby golf course to washing the neighbours cars, if there was an opportunity to make money I would find it.

Leaving school

After I left school I attended a community college and then went on to university. I didn’t give up trying to make money and becoming an age where I could get a real job opened up more opportunities to make more money.

I got a job at McDonald’s and juggled this with getting my education, but somehow I wasn’t happy. Working at McDonalds was a fun time, but in the back of my head I knew it was never going to lead me to be the success that I wanted to become. Uni was hard and seemed endless. I loved rap music and worshipped the rappers that were my idols. I was fronting to everyone that I was living the life of a big rap star, with cars, girls and money, but the reality was very different. My car was crap and I was skint. I wanted to earn big money and I wanted it straight away. I decided that having a full time job would be the step I needed to make to help me achieve my dreams, so I dropped out of uni and left my job at McDonald’s.

After various customer service roles in call centres, I woke up one day and realised I was lost. I was no longer a child, I was never going to be a professional footballer, I was stuck in a meaningless 9-5 job going no where fast and I began to wonder where the years had gone?

Turning my life around

It was then that I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. I always had a desire to travel the world and see what was out there so like any other normal person I decided to quit my job and travel to RUSSIA!

Why I chose Russia I am not really sure!

I had no prior knowledge of this country, no links there and I can’t say that many westerners think of Russia as a land of opportunities. All I knew was I wanted a change and I was willing to go anywhere and do anything to make a life that paid and on my terms. I could not stand the thought of spending my whole life earning a fixed salary, working for a boss who I could barely stand and just going through life on auto pilot!

And now I’m a world traveller. I can literally go anywhere whenever I want. I’m based here in Russia! But you will find me on the beaches of the world, climbing the mountains, embracing new challenges and attending events.

A new life

When I got to Russia it was very difficult for me. Everything was so different, the people, the culture, the language even the alphabet was unrecognisable to me. I thought back to those early years and my paper round. I knew I had the stamina I needed to succeed, I had a feeling of determination and I also massively wanted to prove myself to all those people who didn’t think I could make my life work in the UK, let alone in Russia.

I studied the Russian language and worked all the hours I could and then one day I saw an opportunity. I surely couldn’t be the only British person who wanted to come to Russia? There must be others who would like to come to Russia and learn the language? I knew that this was my breakthrough so I started working hard to start my own business. Soon The British House language school was borne and before long I had a thriving new business, a new life in Russia and I was well on my way to becoming the success I had dreamed of becoming.

Now I know that daring to step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith is the only way to achieve the extra-ordinary.

So, there I was in Russia, Running my school and life was going fine, until suddenly within a year two competitors came onto the market and copied my business model and suddenly two more language schools opened up. I lost half of my customers and half of the profit I was making. I was suddenly in a position where I was only breaking even!

Turning the negative into a positive

Instead of becoming down about the situation I knew I had to change what was happening into a positive, just like I had used my height to find a position in the football team when I was a kid. I started looking for other ways to outsmart my competitors and increase my income again. It was at this point that I started to get interested in internet marketing.

I was very sceptical at first about getting involved in Internet Marketing. I had heard all the stories about Pyramids and I didn’t want to get involved in another business when I already had one.

I looked back to my younger years and remembered the leap of faith that I had made, by dropping everything and coming to Russia. Getting involved with Internet Marketing was hardly as big a step to take so I decided to live for the moment and put all my efforts into this new opportunity.

Network Marketing was not as easy as I thought it was gonna be! In fact it was near impossible. I could not get people to sign up for my opportunity! I was frustrated, angry and on the verge of quitting many times.

I had expected the opposite, the advertising which had led me to join my opportunity had made it seem much more simple and I felt as though I had been misled. It wasn’t until later, that I would come to realise that this was a common feeling felt by almost every Network Marketer.

I didn’t know it back then but, I was sitting at the crossroads in my life’s journey. I could have easily written this Network Marketing thing off as a misguided error in my life, a lesson to learn from! and just moved on. But something about it annoyed me……

Why were some people succeeding?

They were the ones teaching everybody else. The ones in all the training videos, courses and company adverts. What were they doing differently? How were they succeeding?

It was at that point that I decided. I was going to learn how to succeed.

So I read books, attended courses, seminars, bought software and training guides. I searched and searched, researched the web! I gained so much knowledge of the subject and continue to learn to this day. I learned to become a Network Marketing Professional.

Who is a Network Marketing Professional?

It is somebody who invests in themselves and in their business. Who takes the profession seriously and more than anything else…..

Somebody who teaches others, the things that they have learned. I didn’t know it, but I had become one of those people who makes the trainings! That is the key to success!!!!

Learn how to do something, then teach it to others and they will follow you!!!!!

Network marketing works

So here I am now. It is no longer relevant whether my language school makes money or not. I now treat it more like a hobby! A chance to help people to learn. Teaching others has become my passion. I leave the running of the school to my partners and I concentrate on my real goal. teaching struggling marketers how to succeed.

I live in a fantastic house, drive a luxury car, and what is even better is that I don’t need to work long hours to achieve the life I live. I spend my life doing what I enjoy which is helping people. I’m not saying this to show off. I have lot’s of goals which I am yet to achieve. Life is a journey.

So the question you are probably asking yourself right now is, “How can I succeed in my Network Marketing opportunity?”

Success in Network Marketing is all about helping others to achieve their dreams. That’s why I joined MLSP. I get to teach Network Marketers how to generate leads. I get to see their business turn around, to change their financial situation for the better and to make them understand how this industry works. When people get involved in Network Marketing, they often do naively. Expecting huge success very quickly. It is possible, but only when you know what you are doing.

A few golden rules are:

Treat your business like a business.

Be a “Network Marketing Professional” and all that comes with that.

Invest in yourself, training, courses, books, software, seminars, marketing.

Don’t chop and change opportunities like the wind. Simply find something that you love and that you feel proud of, then learn how to succeed with it.

Be consistent, disciplined and be prepared to work hard.

Follow these rules and you will be half way there already.

As I said, I love helping people and I would love to help you by sharing the secrets of how to succeed in Network Marketing. Get started now with my free training and feel free to write to me with any questions that you may have.

Take the leap of faith NOW and I will look forward to seeing you on the other side!

Sam Hyland